Second-hand wind turbines

Second-hand wind turbines – up-to-date list

Please find below a summary of our range of second-hand wind turbines we can offer at the moment. Click the picture to get more information about the corresponding turbine.

2x Bonus 150KW

2x Bonus 95KW

1x Enercon E-40.6.44 E2

2x Bonus 150KW 30m Turm

1x Generator ABB 600KW überholt für Vestas V44

1x Generator Weier 600KW für Vestas V44

5x Nordtank 150KW

5x Nordtank 150KW

1x Repower MD77

4x Enercon E-66.18.70

2x Enercon E-40 500KW

5x Gebrauchte Windkraftanlage Vestas V80

5x Vestas V80

2x GE 1.5s 1500KW